What if we have a problem after hours?Answer: We provide 24 hr service. Just call and we'll take care of the problem immediately.

Frequently Asked questions

*Will it harm my pets?Answer: No, but again, ingestion of the chemicals when wet can be harmful. Once they are dry there is no problem with safety toward your pets.


Extermination &


 co., inc.


* Are you licensed?Answer: Yes, we're licensed for the tri-state area.

*Is it safe for my family to be in our home when you are spraying chemicals?

Answer: During a routine scheduled visit its perfectly fine to be in the home while we're spraying. If you have any small children it may be advisable to wait a few hours until the chemicals dry before reentering home. The chemicals are safe but can be harmful if ingested or put in your face or eyes so its best to wait until the chemicals have dried.

*What geographical are do you cover for your services?Answer: We provide services in the Tri state area , Brooklyn NY, Queens NY, Manhattan, Staten island NY, Bronx NY, Nassau County NY, Suffolk County NY, Westchester County.  New York City, NYC.